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Group Introduction

Hong Kong Financial Assets Exchange Group, HKFAEx Group, mandates to become the world's leading online trading and clearing platform for financial assets, targeting the increasingly diversified and personalized asset allocation needs of the market. We are committed to building a convenient, transparent, fair and open circulation channel for physical assets, making it an essential part of asset allocation.

The Group anchors in super-connected Hong Kong, leveraging the Mainland China and engaging the world, to provide global investors with diversified investment asset classes and channels to enhance investment return in a risk-adjusted manner.


Physical assets is a diversified asset class. The Group chooses collectibles as its first asset class for financial securitization. Collectibles market size is enormous, can accommodate trillions of dollars, with the fluctuations in the global financial market in recent years, the market gradually recognizes the value of the collectibles market. More importantly, collectibles, similar to other physical assets, are excluded from reporting under the Common Reporting Standard which has been fully implemented globally, making it a perfect asset class for tax planning, fuelling the demand to a further extent.


We are a Top Three Exchange Group in Hong Kong

In terms of trading volume and market value of listed products, the Group is a top-three exchange group in Hong Kong. Judging from the trading volume, China International Assets and Equity of Artworks Exchange ranks global number one. 


We Leverage on Policies

The Group’s Collectible Management Team is composed of the first batch of online trading professionals in the cultural and art industry in China. They once established and managed the largest exchange in the world for the trading of cultural and art products and witnessed the robust development of their online trading in China. Rich operational experience and scientific management know-how are accumulated as a result.


The Group’s Asset Management Team is composed of the first batch of Asian fund managers investing in China A-shares through the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor Scheme. Their managed funds were once awarded as the global champion by Bloomberg and the Best China Hedge Fund by Asian Investors. 

China Opportunities

We Adopt RMB as Clearing Currency to Grow with China

Starting from 1 July 2019, China International Assets and Equity of Artworks Exchange and HKDAEx (Hong Kong Digital Asset Exchange) adopt offshore RMB as the quotation, trading and clearing currency for all listed products to grasp the vast opportunities offered by China’s RMB internationalization and One Belt One Road initiative as well as Hong Kong’s Offshore RMB center.

Hong Kong Advantages

We Unleash Hong Kong’s Super-Connector Advantage to Connect China and the World

Under the “One Country, Two Systems” principle implemented in Hong Kong, the Central Government fully supports Hong Kong in maintaining prosperity and stability. Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region of China enjoys the benefits of “One Country, Two Systems” on the one hand and as a well-known global financial centre enjoys plenty supply of global capital and professional on the other hand.  Together with Hong Kong’s geographic proximity to Mainland China and comprehensive and efficient linkage to other major commercial and financial centres, Hong Kong is a natural supper-connector to connect China and the world.  The Group commits to continue to unleash Hong Kong’s advantage to provide global investors with diversified investment asset classes and channels to increase their investment return in a risk-adjusted manner.


Become the world's leading online trading and clearing platform for financial assets

  • Allow non-standardized physical assets to be easily tradable

  • Let diversified asset classes be allocated to investment portfolio

  • Let the asset management industry have room for free innovation

  • Allow investors to experience richer choices


Building a financial conglomerate with financial asset trading and asset management as core businesses while helping China integrate into the world by taking financial innovation as the soul of the enterprise, adopting leverage on policies as investment philosophy, aiming at the niche markets, abide by professional ethics and professionalism, strive to meet the diversified needs of customers and actively create and accumulate wealth for clients.


  1. There is nothing more than money while nothing less than tradable physical assets in the era of New Normal.

  2. We aim to unlocking the added-value of liquidity

  3. We promote physical assets as an investable asset class

Logo Circle Trans.png

The Company logo is designed with three sets of colorful block chains. The design represents both the company's core competence in technology and resources, as well as the company's vision to become the world's leading online trading and clearing platform for financial assets

The main color tones of the Group are orange and purple:

Orange is the color of the harvest, warm and vivid, symbolizing the core purpose of serving the real economy.

Purple is the color of creation, solemn and noble, symbolizing the business philosophy of driving industry development with innovation.

Three-layer ring

The logo is composed of three-layer ring consisting of colorful blocks, which represent the Group's rich industry and social resources. The Group's product innovation and service model, linking both upstream and downstream, domestic and offshore industrial structure, has received strong support from government agencies, associations, and many enterprises in the industry. At the same time, it has also been unanimously approved by overseas trading markets, research institutions, and large enterprises. The Group will continue to aggregate and integrate various advantageous resources, to provide domestic enterprises with cross-regional, full-variety, and multi-mode technical support and innovation services. Meanwhile, the Group is committed to building a convenient, transparent, fair and open circulation service platform for both of the domestic and foreign commodity trading markets.

The three-layer ring symbolizes the Group's blueprint for development. The inner circle represents the Group's domestic business-breaking through the restrictions of the regions and varieties in China's commodity trading markets to achieve China Commodity Connect. The middle circle represents the Group's cross-border connecting between Hong Kong and the mainland China commodity trading market to form a China-Hong Kong Commodity Connect. The outer circle represents the Group's international vision, taking China-Hong Kong Commodity Connect as a springboard, becoming a bridge and link between the China and the international commodity exchange market, and achieving Global Commodity Connect, which will gain adequate discourse power for China.

19 Blocks

The number of blocks in each ring is 19. 19 is a magic number: If you expand all the fractions from 1/19 to 18/19 into decimals and arrange them one by one, the resulting 18 × 18 number square is exactly a Magic Square, in which the sum of the numbers in each row, column, and two diagonals is 81. The seemingly irregular numbers, but in a special way constitute an orderly whole, which is what the Group hopes to achieve and keeps working on continuously.

The Group is committed to solving common difficulties in the development of the industry, providing public services to the industry, straightening out the chaos, and aggregating the dispersed, segmented and differentiated commodity markets into an orderly whole, which will contribute to China's factor market in seeking stronger discourse and pricing power.

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