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Metaverse & Web3


We are a Platform for the Trading of NFT Assets


HKNFTEx is a joint venture between HKICEx and Euterpe, committed to building a convenience, transparent, fair and equitable platform for the trading of NFT, making NFT an essential part of asset allocation.


We are different, we do copyrightNFT but not copyNFT, and we do qualityNFT but not ugcNFT.


Euterpe is the world’s first IP-powered NFT-as-a-service platform. Creators can sell high-quality IP NFTs of their work to fans, free of copyright infringement and scams.


Euterpe also features a built-in SocialFi ecosystem where fans become active stakeholders, earning rewards through their contributions to the community.


Euterpe’s White Paper, Blockchain Copyright Exchange – A Prototype, earned the highest award at the 2021 International Machine Lawyering Conference and was also the world’s first blockchain whitepaper published in a core SSCI law journal in the United States.

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We are a Platform for the Trading of Global Film and Entertainment Copyright Assets


HKmediaEx Limited is a member of HKNFTEx. Established in Hong Kong in 2021 with focus on the trading of film and entertainment copyright assets, the Company is committed to building an ecosystem to connect film makers, artists, fans and other film and entertainment stakeholders, introducing a brand-new operation mode to the film and entertainment industry, and providing the public with a platform of integrity, compliance and safety to consume, invest and collect film and entertainment assets with a peace of mind.

HKmediaEx was awarded the NEXXCREATE Top 10 Excellence In Start-up Innovation Awards (NFT, Web3 & Metaverse) 2022 at the Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Leadership Forum 2022 (DELF) to commend the Company and its metaverse community, Oriental Hollywood, for their outstanding innovation performance in NFT, Web3 and metaverse. In addition, HKmediaEx is a member of the Hong Kong Cyberport Incubation Program (CIP) receiving financial and business support from the Hong Kong Government owned Cyberport.

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