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Market Opportunities


Why Building a Trading Platform?

We Know the Market Needs a Compliant and Secure Trading Platform

  1. The wealthy people’s investment needs are not satisfied

    • China’s wealthy people are growing rapidly, investment demand is strong, but investment options are few, and funds are pouring into the real estate market, leading to the formation of a real estate bubble.

    • The Common Reporting Standard is fully implemented globally, and the wealthy are eager to invest in physical assets which are exempted from disclosure for tax planning purpose.

    • The wealthy have become more interested in investing in collectibles. However, due to the lack of liquidity, investing in collectibles have the characteristics of high threshold, few channels and many formalities, obstructing retail investors from participation.

  2. The global lack of a trusted collectible trading platform

    • Collectibles have been invested for a long time, but they have always been dominated by offline transactions and auctions. Except for Hong Kong and Mainland China, there are few online trading platforms for collectibles.

    • Mainland China's collectible trading platforms are mixed. Some of them may be trustless while the others may conduct frequent illegal activities, forcing the Mainland Chinese government to rectify and shut down most of the platforms. Those being approved to continue operation have negligible trading volume and lose their basic function to provide liquidity to the market as a result of the stringent restrictions imposing on the trading model.

  3. Hong Kong welcomes the opportunity from the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area, and is dedicated to building an international asset management center, but lacking in platforms with characteristic.

    • Hong Kong government has been criticized for a long time to put too much emphasize on securities market and neglect the development on commodities.

    • Hong Kong’s financial edges have been losing gradually. The construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area may marginalize Hong Kong’s position further.

    • Without trading platform with characteristic, Hong Kong’s dream to become an International Asset Management Center is difficult to come true.

Why Does Liquidity?

We Know the Value of Liquidity

The essential element for physical asset securitization and attracting capital market attention is liquidity, because liquidity creates value, just as the value of tradable shares far exceeds non-tradable shares, so the Group tries to create liquidity for physical assets.

If physical assets can be freely tradable:

1.  Can provide fidelity traceability channel to enhance brand awareness and price of physical assets

2. Can solve information asymmetry and reduce transaction costs

3. Can make physical assets a valuable collateral and reduce financing costs

4. Can standardize and scale services, reduce service costs

5. Can attract different types of market participants and increase the breadth and depth of the market

6. Can provide a new investment and wealth management channel to improve investment efficiency

7. Can provide big data for service providers to improve overall social benefits

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