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Dealing in Securities & Commodities
Dealing in Commodities


We Unlock the Added Value of Liquidity.

We know collectibles are not valuable if there is no professional platform to identify the authenticity and merit, and the non-tradable collectibles are invisible to capital markets.

Oriental Culture is the first Nasdaq listed cultural and art collectible exchange group. The member of Oriental Culture, China International Assets and Equity of Artworks Exchange (CIAEx) and HKDAEx Limited provide exchange services to global digital assets such as global arts, tea, wines & spirits, speciality agricultural products and other tradable collectibles with high investment potential by applying cutting-edge technologies and innovation into the electronic trading platform.


We are a Multiple Asset Exchange

We financialize non-standard assets to achieve efficient and standardized transactions.

We believe the greatest potential and value of physical assets is to become an important part of asset allocation, among which the financialization of collectibles is the most promising. ​

We are an Exchange of Coins and Stamps

We provide accreditation to coins and stamps to enhance efficient transactions.

​We believe coins and stamps are not only used for cultural heritage and appreciation, but also a good carrier for investment and wealth.

Dealing in Securities & Commodities

- Dealing in Securities

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HKFAEx Group Limited provides securities trading, investment advisory and diversified investment services. The securities products includes equities, options, funds, bonds and structured products. 

Operating Licence

​HKFAEx Group Limited is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC Registration No: AOG669) and is authorised to conduct dealing in securities, advisory on securities and asset management in Hong Kong.

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